Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cleveland shows SOLD OUT

Ohhhh guess what?

Cleveland is sold out, baby. See you there!


  1. MJG_15:06 PM

    Pani Barbaro, Pani przyjeżdża do kraju, a nie do Cleveland.
    Jestem z młodego pokolenia (mam 14 lat), ale bardzo lubię Pani muzykę... Połączenie jazzu i pop'u? Do tego ta świeżość lat 80. Bardzo chciałbym Panią zobaczyć na żywo, ale nie mam za bardzo okazji. Ehh... Marzenie prawie nigdy się nie spełniają...
    P.S. Mam tak samo na imię jak Pani syn ;).

  2. Saw the show at Night Town in Cleveland. Basia and the band were excellent!

  3. Was there at Nighttown too! I've always heard about her being here either the day of a show or weeks later. But luckily I got this chance to see her. I happened to show up late and by doing that, she and her band walked right passed me,how cool was that! She even touched my shoulder and said she couldnt stop for a pic, which I understand, but alas I got a chance to take pics of her and some her band upclose even chatted with her guitarist and drummer. I couldnt ask for more than that. It was a perfect night! Basia if you read this. You are still the best jazz lady I know. Be blessed. You truly made my night more than you'll ever know.