Thursday, October 27, 2011

Revisiting: Original "New Day for You" video

Fan Mark Derrington reminded me of this really great first version of the video to "New Day For You," filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Isn't it weird to see singers that aren't Annick and Veronique singing with her? It's hard to imagine a Basia performance without them! The video was reshot because the record company didn't like how Basia was singing to an empty hall. I guess this strange narrative (who's on the phone?!) made more sense to them if his hair didn't, even by 1988 standards. I'll just take one of each of everything Basia is wearing here. It's vintage now, right?!

Dutchmarc did a great side-by-side of these videos, too, similar to his captures of the "Promises" videos. We all know now that there was no reason for the US localizing of Time and Tide!


  1. Krysia12:32 PM

    I would say that the theatre video looks a bit too much lip synch...

  2. Marcus7:49 AM

    Any information on who directed Basia's clips?

  3. Leslie11:36 PM

    I'll have to look on A New Day for the second one!

  4. Anonymous6:41 AM

    "From Newport to London" today's live at Warsaw ->

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