Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Basia on new Phil Harding collection, book

Phil Harding, who mixed not only Time and Tide and London Warsaw New York but also the first two Matt Bianco albums, has released a new compilation of his best remixes from the 1980s and that includes Basia. The "Until You Come Back to Me" Phil Harding 12" mix, probably the best of her dance mixes in this writer's opinion, is part of the collection and this will mark the first time the song has been properly available in the UK. It hasn't been out worldwide, even, since the Brave New Hope and The Best Remixes releases of the early 90s.

Harding penned a book in 2009, PWL From the Factory Floor, which has been reissued in a hugely expanded edition (from around 250 to a staggering 600 pages!). I have the 2009 edition which does mention Basia and Danny a bit and is overall a fine read. Perhaps the new edition may expand on PWL's work with Basia and MB, Phil has said that his work with Basia was among his favorites and I've always respected that!

You can find appropriate sales links and more info at - both are available at Amazon UK and US as well.

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